Stress Less Fertility

Stress Less Fertility

“Just relax! Just forget about it and it’ll happen” – possibly the most infuriating comment to hear when you are trying for a baby.

You already know this. You Googled it. The science TELLS you that stress is not helpful. But stop stressing?? How??

When it comes to trying for a baby, it can quickly become a stressful event in itself and therefore becomes a perpetuating problem. Trying to get pregnant builds on the stress already there from not being pregnant the month before.

In fact, studies have shown that women who are stressed ovulated 20% fewer eggs and were also 20% less likely to achieve fertilisation success.

Therefore, we can help you to reduce stress, let go of fear and anxiety and utilised the mind-body connection to reduce the physical impacts of stress on your reproductive system. Using hypnosis techniques can reduce blood pressure, it has even been found to decrease symptoms of endometriosis, regulate menstrual cycles, improve sperm quality and increase chances of pregnancy!