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Fertility Hypnosis (Male and female)

Fertility hypnosis can improve your fertility in a number of ways.

One of the key factors that impacts fertility is stress. Even when we don’t think we are stressed, our brain may not have the same opinion.

So relaxation and help with the mind-body connection can help you develop the mindset to reduce stress and in turn improve your physical state including sperm quality, sex drive, more regular cycles, and a more conducive environment for implantation.

For many people, fears and frustration can also hinder the process so dealing with underlying fears or anxieties can greatly increase your chances of conceiving.

Fertility hypnosis can be used successfully whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI.

Stop Smoking to improve fertility!

Research has shown that smoking has a big impact on your fertility (men as well as women). It is one of the first things that doctors suggest if you ask for fertility support and studies have shown that you are twice as likely to conceive as a non smoker than if you smoke whether naturally or through fertility treatments such as IVF.

Studies have found that smoking (any number of cigarettes) affects:

  • The DNA in eggs and sperm
  • Men and women’s hormone production
  • A fertilised eggs ability to reach the uterus.
  • The environment where a baby will grow.

The great news is that our stop smoking course has over a 90% success rate globally and is done in just one 90 minute session!

Lose weight to improve your chances!

Although it is true that women of all shapes and sizes conceive naturally. It is also important to understand that there are many other factors that contribute to fertility health including age, hormones and the male factor to name but a few. However, there is scientific evidence that has proven the link between weight and fertility.

It all comes down to oestrogen. That pesky little hormone that is so important!

Oestrogen is produced by the ovaries and also in fat cells. What this means for your fertility is that potentially, the higher your weight over the ‘recommended healthy’ weight, the more fat cells you are likely to have and the greater amount of oestrogen is produced.

Too much oestrogen can impact your cycles and can even stop you ovulating and more importantly, can lower your success of getting pregnant either naturally or through fertility treatment.

Our weight loss hypnosis course has been a global success and is hugely successful in helping people to reach their health and weight goals! It is a non-surgical procedure that involves a series of 4 hypnotherapy sessions of around an hour each and a follow up session after course completion.

The course is 100% safe. The hypnosis utilises the mind to ‘trick’ it into believing you have had a gastric band fitted. You will feel fuller quicker, will be more satisfied with smaller portions, will snack less and you can create a life long change in your thinking and eating habits that will help increase your chances but also build long lasting habits through pregnancy and to teach your children too!

Stress Less Fertility

“Just relax! Just forget about it and it’ll happen” – possibly the most infuriating comment to hear when you are trying for a baby.

You already know this. You Googled it. The science TELLS you that stress is not helpful. But stop stressing?? How??

When it comes to trying for a baby, it can quickly become a stressful event in itself and therefore becomes a perpetuating problem. Trying to get pregnant builds on the stress already there from not being pregnant the month before.

In fact, studies have shown that women who are stressed ovulated 20% fewer eggs and were also 20% less likely to achieve fertilisation success.

Therefore, we can help you to reduce stress, let go of fear and anxiety and utilised the mind-body connection to reduce the physical impacts of stress on your reproductive system. Using hypnosis techniques can reduce blood pressure, it has even been found to decrease symptoms of endometriosis, regulate menstrual cycles, improve sperm quality and increase chances of pregnancy!

IVF Support

IVF is a real rollercoaster and many can feel completely consumed by the process and the outcomes.

From the daily injections, the hormone overload and feeling completely out of control, it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed! But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Evidence has proven that stressing less can improve your chances of pregnancy on it’s own so how about maintaining mental wellbeing, feeling empowered and not driving yourself crazy the two week wait as well! Who wouldn’t want that??

All of these things are possible when you have the tools and the mindset! The good news is that anyone can learn to have and use these things! Which means you can undertake treatment feeling excited and in control of your thoughts and feelings, even if you have no control over the long term outcome.

Moving forward after loss

A loss at any stage is devastating. Even more so if you struggled to conceive in the first place or had to go through one (or more) rounds of fertility treatment to get there!

Thoughts of your loss can keep you awake at night, overwhelm you when you least expect it and make the thought of moving on or trying again unbearable.

We can help you to see things in a more positive way and feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings about moving forward.

Our sessions use cognitive psychology and hypnotherapy to help you to come to terms with your loss. We can help you to rebuild your self esteem and confidence and even find a positive mindset to move on and even try again.


Hypnobirthing is a technique that is becoming increasingly popular in helping and empowering women during labour.

It is a widely used and popular technique that has been proven to lower the chances of complications, the need for medical interventions and lower the need for pain relief.

It teaches a woman and her birthing partner (if she wishes) a wide range of knowledge, tools and resources to make her feel calmer, more relaxed and in control when it comes to giving birth including breathing and relaxation methods.

By practising these techniques and gaining a deeper understanding how mind, body and baby work together hypnobirthing can help you prepare your mind for a positive, in control birth experience.

During the sessions, you will:

  • Learn how the body is perfectly designed to birth your baby.
  • How your mind, body, and baby work together.
  • Develop confidence in creating the birth you want and the choices you have throughout labour.
  • Have a birth partner who will have knowledge and tools to help you through labour.
  • Be given audios and techniques that you can practise and use to help you to feel calmer and more relaxed before and during the birth.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can impact our choices and decisions hugely in life and they can also create stress.

When it comes to fertility this can mean fear creates psychological blocks to you getting pregnant and create stress and frustration which leads to further physical implications that affect fertility.

There are also specific fears and phobias that may hinder you along the way such as needle phobias for fertility treatment or even a fear of hospitals or birth.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that is proven to be extremely effective in helping you to overcome these types of issues. Not only this but it will help you to be more confident, feel more in control and more relaxed and happy – all of which make for a much better environment for carrying that precious embryo and baby!